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Hi All,


We are currently testing a official AhoyWorld shared-drive that will always contain the latest mods that are allowed on our server.


How does this work ?

- This is a shared-drive that will synchronize among all users that are connected to it

- As it is works without central server, please keep the tool running on your computer, even after you downloaded all mods

- The files will then synchronize to a folder on you computer, and you can copy them from there to your arma directory

- Remember the more users we have the quicker you will be able to sync your files and any updates.


Getting started:

1 - Install btsync from here: http://www.bittorrent.com/sync/downloads

2 - During the install it will ask if you have a secret, use this code: BJAVS2VSH4J5KAYLPGDVP67P3NNFMWIPT

3 - Make sure you point the program to a new empty folder that is easy for you to remember

4 - Wait till it is fully synchronized


How to easily start the mods ?

You can use a little tool called Arma3sync, it will automatically find the mods you have copied into your Arma-folder, so you dont have to install them, not even have to add them to you arma-startup. This little tool manages it all for you:


download: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22199

Manual\WIKI: http://www.sonsofexiled.fr/wiki/index.php/ArmA3Sync_Wiki_English



Now this is a trial, so if we manage to get enough users for this, we will probably keep this running and up to date. If it works properly we will add another repository for game-night specific mods.


Feel free to use this thread to ask any questions you might have about btsync and\or arma3sync, also if you notice an updated version of any of the mods, please report it here, so the staff can update the syncdrive and distribute the latest version to everyone. :)



Current content:


- BlastCore - Special effects on explosions, smoke, lights, fire

- CBA_A3 - Coremod instructions

- JSRS2.0 - Soundmod

- sthud - Shactac hud

- tao_foldmap - folding map

- VTS_weaponresting - rest you weapon on a wall or ground, and shoot more straight

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Added the new trucksim mods (compatible with the 1.9.x patch):


- Version 4.7.2 of the map

- Just play mod, with 300+ new trailers, real companies, and many other additions...

- Container trailer mod

- Heavy transport pack 1

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