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BIS new Arma engine ??


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I highly doubt any of these feature will be in arma in the near future, VBS has a whole host of excellent features that aren't in arma, some are reletively small changes (the UI for boarding vehicles is light years ahead of arma's) and other are more advanced (on the fly terrain editing in session, full 3d play back of missions with every bullet tracked, etc) - these features have been in VBS2 for years and none, literally none, have been ported to arma by BIS.


It even has working animated bipods.

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VBS has a whole host of excellent features that aren't in arma,


Yes indeed, just check the other video's in the channel....


But tbh i do think if they now have developed a brand new engine for VBS, i doubt that they will continue support many different engines access the different versions of the 'game'.


I would suspect they prolly base arma4 on this new engine in order to minimize work, and just strip it of the advanced/elite options out of the engine...


That would make sense in terns of business: maximum effects with minimum effort/cost.


But this is only possible if VBS does not have a exclusivity contract with it's customers prohibiting the engine to be used for anything else.

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