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Banned for what?


I always tried to play team. There was never ONE situation that i wouldn´t go for my fellow teammates and revive.


I don´t understand.


Yes, i use grown-up language sometimes, but i expect my other players to do so as well. 


This game is 18+


I respect ur decision, but why do u ban me now?

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Well it was aparent that you have been warned about your behavior before. You were warned multiple times about your behavior with other players and harassing them. i personally have had complaints a few times in the last week. Here is what you did today to get your 7 day bann. ( and so you know, after the 7 days, if one more complaint comes in for this behavior, you will be permanently banned from our servers)


<15:12:50> "Luetin": that guy Rotten whos been playing on EU 1
<15:13:26> "Luetin": he seems to have taken some issue with me, i dont care that much but its starting to get a bit irritating and spoiling my enjoyment of the server that whenever i communicate he constantly baits me
<15:13:42> "Luetin": comments on what im saying or generally tries to make some sort of comment to get me annoyed
<15:14:02> "Luetin": today he started now saying that i am from german or indian descent
<15:14:26> "Luetin": now that means nothing to me but hes clearly trying to make some racial slur to make me angry and i think its not pleasant or appreciated
<15:14:44> "Luetin": so just informing you guys that hes being unfriendly and trying to antagonise me
<15:15:03> "Luetin": not to mention the fact that he constantly complains and berates others on the server as well
We DO NOT tolerate racism nor constant harassment of players on our servers. Like I said, we have had multiple complaints about this from you a few times and you have been warned. I suggest you cool down for a week and give it another go. This ban was not just because of luetin, but a culmination of multiple complaints.
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So only because Luetin is some sort of youtube celebrity, you guys ban me.




Well i fkn play this game since Operation Flashpoint. And when i question that guy with his tactics i get banned, right?








I would have never known this guy if he didn´t cross my ways.



i would never even knew his name before.

but for some reason he knows my name.



You are all starstruck for some reason i do not understand.


(And the "racial slur" was just me calling him Rambo, who was indian/german by script)

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Just my two cents:

If you are banned, and rather than calmly maintaining yourself whilst asking why you were banned, you've decided to come out aggressively and accuse us of favoritism. It really doesn't help your case.

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May not be my place to talk but can you at least try to sort out the differences? What's the point of coming back to playing when people are still hostile to each other; nothing will be learned, just behaviour adjusted. For some that might seem good enough but if you're genuinely trying to further the community you will want to try promote understanding.

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