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Hit the deck!!! (Gamenight footage)


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Bloody intense and came out of nowhere, I was bringing up the rear, when all hell opened up fire on us, all I saw was a cloud of dust and Raz screaming hit the deck, I broke right to the top of the bank to see if I could find cover and get eyes on, there was a house just up ahead took cover there, fired a few covering / distraction shots at Ai that were approaching the left side of the river bed, then got up to the bridge to see the apc sitting in the middle of the road, someone lobbed a red smoke and with blast core on I couldn't get a lock or see where to fire to get a hit, waited for a few to clear then blasted the fecker next a few heads popped out from the other side of the wall hairy moments, to say the least, we regrouped far side of the bridge where there were 2 sneaky snipers, that we got the jump on and dispatched quickly and easily, excellent fun altogether


forgot to record it and by the time I remembered to hit save on shadow play it only got from after we dispatced the snipers :(

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