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GameNight January 18th, 2014 - Debriefing


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About the mission itself:


Major General Pointers:

  • Multiple, spread out objectives were a nice choice since people had to scout for enemy patrols and adjust their routes accordingly, planning engagements and relaying information properly.
  • Because of the little amount of enemies there seemed no penalty to failing to avoid enemy patrols. Light motorised patrols might make for interesting possible encounters and some tension.
  • Various environments (plains, hills, forested areas) made for challenging scouting and created some good tension.
  • The mission had a nice difficulty curve; CQB towards the end and enemy light vehicle support was a great choice.

All in all, I had a lot of fun with this, my first organised event. I'm sorry for the mutiny towards the end of which I have been part of, being in the squad that started it, I think we all saw that it was inappropriate and it won't happen again.


Also, Smith made this mission right? If so, all credit goes to you. Really appreciate the work.

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Yeah I agree. Though what was the aa about? I took 8 missiles on the first run. Dunno but I'm certainly not flying again. Yeah am a crap pilot I know this. But anyway the mission seemed good from the small part I saw/heard. Nice job smith, excited to see more from you. Haha

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I wish i could have seen more of the action! stuck reconnecting/de syncing, I'm sure it'll be fine next tim.


Aye keep the squads together, keep the command channel clear, i remember we had one or two people who should not have been using that channel.

Good improv from my squad for allowing rave to lead in my absence and doing so well :)

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