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Is This What You Euros Think of Our Football?


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I also am knowledgeable about American Football (I call it that to avoid confusion) too.


Damn Panthers drawing the 49'ers.


Practically got the worst matchup in the playoffs.


Also Broncos gonna win the Super Bowl.

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It can be fun to watch, but it goes on for HOURS and virtually nothing happens.  There are advert breaks literally every 5 minutes or less and the game has no flow, its all about setting up 2 lines of people and playing set pieces out.  Also it relies way too much on the skill of the quarter back, and the kickers are pretty terrible considering they literally do nothing else.


That said there is something satisfying about watching a complex play work out, and the tackles are huge impacts.  Plus cheerleaders.

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2 syllables, excellent :) (that's 3 I know)

Yep pretty much sums up our take on that Fooseball game, armoured shreaded gymnasts, can't hold a candle (in the wind) to our version of 30 shrek clones making mudpie mash of a field and themselves. The Irish version is best though we get to yield fairly big planks of timber on the field to help make brutal mudpie mash of each other :) and propel a small leather clad missile @ up to 150mph up and down the field at eachothers faces it brilliant

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Josh, Can't say i've heard of shinty 


Nice one Z was on my mobile couldn't link a vid :) although you could have found an older clip before they woossied it up and made helmets compulsory :)


thing is though i can't stand either Hurling or GAA but they are still excellent.

it's used to be rammed down your throat in school along with learning Irish, so much so that at age 6 1/2 or 7 we were told your Irish you have to play hurling or gaa, i didn't like soccer so gaa was off, but carrying a stick and hitting thing with said stick slightly appealed :) so we were brought out to the sports field, the teacher told half the class to go to half way mark, then he started pelting sliotars (that's the ball pronounced sch-lit-or or in Dublin slit-her) thats all i remember, next thing i remember of that day (4 days later) was waking up looking at a ceiling, my paernts leaning in saying "now dont worry you're only in hospital, now you you won't be able to move you hand you have 2 broken fingers, and you won't be able to talk for a while you have a broken jaw, 10 weeks off school so it wasn't all bad though :) 

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