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VAS Restrictions


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     I read some comments on another post about restricting some of the items in the VAS. I had an idea about it and thought I'd start a new topic in case anyone else also had ideas about restricting the VAS. Hopefully others can build off this idea or think of new ones.


  • Completing a Side Mission currently only offers vehicle rewards (if I'm correct). What if some of the vehicles that are rewards from the Side Mission are removed (or not removed) and replaced with certain items from the VAS? 


  • Certain Items from the VAS such as, the Laser Designator, Weapon Attachments, Weapons, etc... could be removed from the VAS and added as a Side Mission reward or even as a reward for completing the AO. I'm sure that there would be many problems with this in the editor.

PS. Unfamiliar with the editor but very creative.


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