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An Asymmetric Battle

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There are a couple of issues that I have noticed whilst playing in the AW servers and they are:


  • Noticeable frame rate drop
  • Team Killing


Both of these can be combated by a change in the battle style, that being, OPFOR Vs Civilians (with weapons).


Basically, a well armed and dominant force against a supposed lesser force. Uniformed vs not-uniformed. However, the catch here is that even though they dont have superior weaponry or armor, their AI intelligence would be increased to a higher level for a great challenge.




For OPFOR, these should be all variants of the Combat Fatigues, Recon Fatigues, Wetsuits, Ghillie Suits, Pilot clothing and a couple of the Guerilla Smocks.

For Civs, these should be all variants of standard, everyday clothing.

Vests are restricted to OPFOR only.

Backpacks can be used by both sides.




For OPFOR, all weapon types should be available, obviously restricted to class type though. Thermal sights should however be restricted completely.

For Civs, basic weapons that you would expect to get from the black market for example.




For OPFOR, Ghosthawks, MH-9 Little Birds, Hunters and Transport trucks. One AH-9 Little Bird for CAS that is very limited in useage.

For Civs, basic land vehicles like pick ups with weapon variants on. No air vehicles or tanks.




These parameters I believe would:


  • Reduce accidental team killing A LOT as both sides have vastly differing appearances making target acquisition less of a difficult task for those who cant tell friend from foe.
  • Reduce lag/fps drop and kicks from constant vehicle explosions as the amount of vehicles would be roughly reduced by a third.
  • Create a more infantry-based combat where more people will feel part of the action, rather than just sat in the AO while three dropped off tanks reduce the enemy AI to dust on their own.


Side Missions


Im not clued in as to how many variants of these there are but ive only seen two, which are easily completed with the current set-up.


Different variants of these would be nice such as:


Hostage/AI Team-Mate Rescue: This could be either...


  • Find and enter a building in a sized area that contains some VIP's. They need to be extracted alive and taken back to base.
  • Get to a Heli-crash/attacked convoy site and rescue your AI team-mates.


Both can be completed with a full scale assault or with a small covert team, whatever fits the area/time.


AO Defense: AI will attack a particular area after a set amount of time and you must rush to the AO and defend it for a set amount of time or all enemy AI are disposed of. AI can "win" this side mission and therefore deny you of your side mission earnings.




These are just some ideas, but i think maybe having a server like this would be good fun :)

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Bluefor vs OPFOR Identification is extremely easy, and there are great differences in the kit both teams wear. The FPS issue is widely being looked into however it takes a lot of time to find one tiny issue which can cause a massive problem, as I say it is being looked into heavily. It seems to be a bigger issue with newer versions but news will come some. 


As for the side missions there are actually around 5-8 different types and they all vary in difficulty. Butr yes I do like your civ idea :P

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Team killing will still continue because people being people: We all make mistakes. (Sometimes I team kill because it is hard to tell who is enemy or friend with thermal optics) :(. However, other side of accidents is trolling of course >..<.


Frame drops near exploded vehicles (I think) is ARMA 3 fault not mission it self :(


This idea sounds good but is it for PVP or PVE mission??

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Identification is easy in theory, it is commonplace though in the servers to see all this friendly fire and people saying "oh sorry didnt realise you were an enemy". It still happens, even though it shouldnt :P This would reduce it a lot as they look like civvies as opposed to actual soldiers.


This idea is initially for a PvE as it is now.

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Alot of the ff at mid to long range is genuine, not everyone has the pc specs required to render textures that far off so for most anything over 500m characters start to look the same as each other, especially when the only give away is the shape of the enemy lid and in split seconds that can get overlooked when itchy trigger fingers are abundant.

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