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Battleye Client not responding error


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Hi Guys,


Having a bit of an issue with the I&A EU #1 server, every time I try connect it kicks me due to the "Battleye Client Not Responding"


However, I can join the EU #2 server just fine.


Any ideas on how to fix this?




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Have tried both with Vanilla and the accepted mods enabled. This is all rather strange because I've been able to play on the server perfectly fine for the past week, until today.




Seems to be working now, With and without mods, not sure what happened. Possibly it's because of an I&A version change.


*EDIT #2:


Its seems that my Battleye is incompatible with v2.70 of the mission since it was updated as it kicks me every time, not sure exactly what's causing it, but hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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