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EU#2 - I&A Bugs and Feedback.

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Since there's currently what I deem a newer or at least different version of I&A on EU#2 for testing we should probably make a bug and feedback thread, so feel free to add your thoughts below.


Possible bugs:

  • Forever wounded: Got wounded piloting a vehicle, got out bandaged, was still wounded (gave option to bandage again when no further damage had been taken). This persisted until death.
  • Deletion of items: This might be a VA problem but I've noticed it on this server in particular. Binoculars, FAKs, are getting deleted / are not registered when loading a profile.
  • Pilot spawn has no access to VA: Not the biggest problem since teleportation is possible, but still often forgotten by the looks of it. The only reason I consider this a problem is that pilots do not have explosive charges by default to get rid of destroyed helicopters.
  • When flying it seems like either every enemy soldier has an AA launcher or their AA launchers have become fully automatic: No enemy Tigris (or any other armour) present and multiple rockets being launched in rapid succession from approximately the same place. They seem to be running out of ammo fairly quickly though.


General feedback:


I quite enjoy this version, probably even more so than the one currently running on EU#1.

  • Variety of enemies: Light vehicles, medium armour; the new I&A has both, and even includes some exotic stuff like mounted HMGs and recon soldiers (although I have not experienced how much of a difference those make).
  • Vehicle selection: Having access to tanks like Kuma and Mora from the beginning (yes yes, they are in the current version, too) is awesome, but the best to me is the access to a CAS Buzzard. The Buzzard unlike the Blackfoot / Kajman is not taking the fun away for everyone not in said vehicles because its capabilities are very limited due to ammunition and approach constraints.
  • Night combat: It necessitates more cooperation between air and ground for one. Flying CAS with the Pawnee would have been impossible without people pointing out targets for me. They quickly caught on and lasers were popping up everywhere, pointing at targets which in turn got showered in rockets and minigun fire. It was highly fun and quite effective. This is even more prevalent when flying Buzzard; seeing fuck-all at night going 300+ km/h it's difficult to do much in terms of support without support.
  • New rewards: I generally like them, though I am not sure if it's a good idea to give BLUFOR access to OPFOR vehicles, simply because friendly fire is happening more than enough already. Getting rid of rewards like Marshall and Ghost Hawks with different painting seems wise to me.
  • (Edit #1) Pylons and similar obstacles at service stations: I find those to be quite annoying, especially since even in case of the pylons they are immovable. I've had my Buzzard get stuck on one of those little pylons while rearming and couldn't get it free without help of another vehicle. At helicopter service there are now small stone barricades that helicopters cannot slide over. It makes servicing them a bit more tedious since now you have to actually hover over those depending on your angle. Maybe I'm just stupid though and never noticed them.
  • (Edit #1) Number of enemies: I really appreciate how the number of enemies has increased, and with performance being superb still for Arma 3 MP standards. AOs take a lot longer to capture and have some challenge to them even when the server isn't empty.
  • (Edit #1) Sidemissions: New sidemissions are basically the same stuff as the ones we're used to already, just wearing a different dress. Having sidemissions occur that require timing (destroy convoy before it leaves the map for example) might be add a new dimension. Since I have not tried the scuba missions yet I can't comment on them. I do like how those are separate from "normal" sidemissions though.

If anything else comes up I will edit this post.

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  • I will look into the wounding problem. This is usually caused by BTC revive glitching out and causing constant dmg over time.

Most certainly a VAS problem. I am waiting for a new update for this. Might roll back to an older version if it persists to long.

Pilots do have a VAS box. It is the little truck at the pilot spawn. just walk up to it and scroll your mouse. you will then see an option for VAS.

I am glad that the AA are having an impact. we opted for putting in a bunch more AA unit infantry teams to prolong AO's. the tigrises were just getting shot down to fast by CAS and had no effect. At least now there are some AA unit present after all the armored units are gone. 

alternate Sidemissions- we will explore dynamic SM's after we stabilize this build. We are currently having some minor behind the scenes bugs as well as some localization problems. when everything works out to be stable, we will start looking into other things.

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Is it possible to add this mod to the second server for testing purposes to see if the logfile issue persists even with this new version?


I'll test this in the next day or two and report whether it's stable or not.


The weapon resting part of it was never an issue, only the weapon/firing effects.

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