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=ATM= Airdrop


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No not good for I&A pubbies would render helo transport pretty much useless, also the way the Ai is now you'd be picked off at range well before you hit the ground, maybe as a spawn option on a smaller pvp mission, hopefully BI add some form of transport plane, that would enable us to do air drops from which would be a lot better, doing it from the helo's before we rolled back versions was fun but hit and miss with damage rotors etc

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But maybe we can implement some of the features in to the mission thou >..>


For example:



- You can put a IR strobe on your shoulder



-Your backpack come front of you now (more immersive)

- When you die in the air your loadout comeback (normally)


- Now you can Cut the rope with the key "C" when you open your parachute and go in free fall with new parachute and your chemlight.



- Now you can add a Chemlight on you. (thx to : Sc0rc3d and KevsnoTrev for the "chemlight on Soldier" script)


- Now when you landing your loadout come back exactly as before the jump 

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I realise this is reviving a dead thread but I think this script has a lot to offer. I spent some time trying to putting it into I&A and I thought it was simplest to attach the addaction to a cargo box that was only available at the main base. You could then spawn in, grab your gear and immediately deploy wherever to catch up. Really great for low/full server populations and when AO's are just so far away the logistics gets stretched.


Of course this will impact the helicopter gameplay but I feel that they will not lose their role entirely. Instead of constantly ferrying new people to the AO as they join or spawn, the choppers can focus on moving vehicles and making timely evacs for everyone. Moreover, some insertions will still be made by chopper as players will realise you can't simply paradrop directly into the AO or very close to it. Instead, to get in undetected (and alive) you need to drop in far away or as group with a helo.


The script features an auto-open chute function which will ensure no one dies unnecessarily while parachuting and it will only take one drop for people to learn that it's just a mobility tool, not the preferred insertion method. There of course issues with the script, like you die if you collide with a building or vehicle, but I think these are tolerable. You can also die very easily if you come in too fast for a landing. So if implemented, it would need a briefing note to make people aware.


I know the pilots do a thankless and amazing job, but I don't think this script would be the death of their experience. It would lighten their load somewhat and give players a way to quickly re-deploy if they had to change slot, died or just wanted to get that epic sniper spot no chopper will take them to. I would love to see this implemented at least for testing. It could always be removed if it proved damaging?

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