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References for MrSixFour? [Applying for Rockstar North!]


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Hello All,

My Situation is this:

Rockstar North (My favourite studio) are now publicly hiring again. As such; I'm gonna go in for a tester position.

What I would really appreciate is maybe one or two character references from the staff or maybe even good friends I've made here.

It would really go a long way on my CV, as I'm already a tester here for the T & A mission. Credible experience goes a long way with companies like Rockstar (They get pretty paranoid about corporate spies [so I've been told by people who have worked there])

Anyway guys, anyone who is willing to be a reference for me, I would truly be eternally grateful!

Thanks Guys, stay cool.


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- Very driven and enthusiastic

- Good understanding about gameplay workings

- solid knowledge about engine limitations


And has been a great help so far in testing new additions to the T&A mission file for Arma 3



AW core staff member

Main coder and developer for T&A (LINK)

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I can't give you a reference cause I'm not into the Arma side of things here at Ahoy World. However I am a QA Engineer/Tester so I can give you some things to look into for your CV or Interview. Here's a few keywords they'll be looking out for:


  • Types of testing
    • Acceptance testing
    • Automated testing
    • Accessibility testing
    • Black-box testing
    • Compatibility testing
    • Component testing
    • End-to-end testing
    • Exploratory testing
    • Functional testing
    • Integration testing
    • Load testing 
    • Non-functional testing
    • Performance testing
    • Regression testing
    • Requirements testing
    • Sanity testing
    • Security testing
    • Unit testing (usually a dev's job not tester but worth knowing about)
    • Usability testing
      • testing, testing, and more testing :P
  • Development methodologies
    • Waterfall
    • RAD
    • Agile (Strongly recomend reading into this, no doubt Rockstar will be running there development with this process or a variant of it)
    • V-model based frameworks
  • Testing tools
    • Bug tracker: This may seem like an obvious one but look into different bug tracking tools like Jira, HP Quality Center, IBM Rational Quality Manager
    • Test execution tools
    • Automation tools
    • Performance testing tools
    • Security testing tools
  • Testing methods
    • Boundary value analysis: A test design technique where test cases are designed based on boundary values
    • Decision tables
    • Data-driven: A test scripting technique where you put in your inputs and results in a table and use one test script for execution. This is often used in automated testing
    • Equivalence partitioning: Another test design technique where you cover each partition at least once
    • Hazard or risk analysis
    • Test driven development: Writing the tests before the software
  • Roles and responsibilities
    • Tester or QA Engineer
    • Test Manager
    • Test Analyst
    • QA Lead
    • Developer
    • Product Owner - This guy is your best friend when it comes to acceptance criteria
    • Scrum Master - If you're doing Agile, this is the one making sure you're doing it properly
    • Product Manager
  • Qualifications
    • ISTQB: In the UK these are the ones to get
    • TMMi Professional: If the company is doing TMMi (I think this is quite common in the US but not so much in the games industry, more safety critical stuff)

Wow, I didn't mean to write quite that much. Hope this helps you with your application :)

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How'd it go ?   Am you an Rockstar Game Develpoer yets ?  srrounding by monies, Ho's, fast cars an legal substances ?  :D

Ended up not actually applying dude. Had some shit going on at the time when I wrote this and it kind of got lost.


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