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Hello everyone,


I have been playing alot on your servers so thought I might as well regester and say hi, my names Lee Im 36 and live in sunny Scotland although born in England.


Never played any of the previous arma games but had to try arma 3 as it looked great and although has alot of bugs atm is very good.


I have been trying out alot of different roles as I like to chop and change even bought a Joystick and throttle to fly the helecopters, so be warned all who fly with me as still a novice, but spend an hour or so daily on editor mode practicing various landing and maneuvers of varying difficulty.


I like the teamwork and tactics part of the game although sometimes the game play on public servers can only be described as semi organised chaos.


Hope I don't annoy anyone too much whilst playing as I can get abit frustrated at times and might have a little rant from time to time but mostly I am pretty chilled. 


Until we meet on the battlefield or you post a message have fun.




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