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Competition Time!


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Competition Time


"Design New Ahoy World Signature Graphics!"


What do you need to do?


There are some really cool signature graphics people have made; like those belonging to Kamaradski and Danny to name a couple!  The signature graphics are a really eye catching and striking way to show your affiliation to a community.  Expert graphic designer or even a novice, now is the time to start! You can make as many entries as you like, if you submit something then think "I can do that better" or if you just get a strike of genius, then go for it!


Entries must adhere to the following criteria to be eligible for entry:


-Must be submitted by a user with an Ahoy World Forum account.

-Signature Size: 500px 130px

-Picture format: PNG

-Use of Alpha Layer: Allowed

-No Personal Names / Flags etc.

-All entries to be posted as a reply to this thread.



Entries may be made into one of the following categories:

Signature with open text areas that we might update regularly, that will contain news, stats, announcements, upcoming events, etc. - There will be one winner for this category.

Signature with AW logo and text only, not related to just 1 specific game (either add lots of different game elements, or none at all) - There will be two winners for this category.
Signature with AW logo or text, related to ArmA 3 - There will be two winners for this category.
Signature with AW logo or text, related to Minecraft - There will be two winners for this category.





The Small Print (Terms, conditions and the rules)
- It is the sole discretion to the AW admin-team to judge the submitted entries and determine the winning submissions.
- We might select winning submissions based on their potential, and ask you to make minor changes before the final product is used/accepted
- Submit as many entries in to any category as you like, though you may only win once per category.
- The final product will be hosted on the AW servers
- Your credit will be displayed on our website gallery, so no visible watermarks or credits should be in the picture. Feel free to add your personal details in the file metatags.
- The contest will run until 17th January 2014 00:00 GMT, however this date may be extended if not enough entries are being submitted.

- Contest Winners will be decided at a currently unknown date.
- After the official closure of the contest we will not accept any late entries
- After the contest the winning entries are considered to be owned by AhoyWorld.co.uk including the copyright and right to edit or change.
- No third party copyrighted material is to be used in your creation, unless you have written permission of it's owners/creators, or it's licence allows you to do so. This is your sole responsibility and any inquiries will be forwarded to your person.

-To remove any bias admin-team members and core staff who make entries will be barred from making judgements for contest winners.

-While use of the Ahoy World Logo and branding is permitted and encouraged, we would ask you to respect it and not make any changes which would transform it from its current form.

Note: We Reserve the right to add or remove any of the above conditions at anytime during the duration of the contest such changes will be highlighter in orange to stand out from the rest of the text.

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Entries so far:


Category "open text areas":

  • Lafferty



Category "AW logo and text only":




Category "AW logo or text, related to ArmA 3":




Category "AW logo or text, related to Minecraft":










yes this will be cool, looking foreward to see the creative input the community comes up with :)


I cannot wait to change my current signature for something way more awesome !!

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Lol @proxima well currently that's the entry currently in the lead for all categories :P


p.s. Who is that in the picture with you?

I'm glad. Because it TOTALLY didn't take me literally 5 minutes using Paint.net at work to make xD


p.s. If you mean my Avatar, then that is my favourite youtuber (youtube.com/user/ashens) I met him at the london comic-con :)

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Thought so, Ashens is the best!  So jealous you met him :P

Will have to go to London Comic-Con next year! 


gotta love the



Ah, not often I meet someone else who has an interest in Ashens and his videos. Out of all the "youtubes" he's the only one I NEVER miss a video from. So glad I got to meet him. He signed my Silver skull mask :D


EDIT: And yeah, you should, would be great to actually meet you in Person xD

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EDIT: And yeah, you should, would be great to actually meet you in Person xD


Back at you dude :P

Let me know when, where and what we are cos playing as :P


Btw anyone who hasn't watched Ashens, its such a unique and very funny YouTube channel.  I guess on the surface it looks like a product review channel except in most cases all the products are flawed or cheap tat.  Poundland and food specials are by far the most entertaining but if you ever wanted to see things like the apple newton being used/ critiqued I would imagine it's one of the few places to go.

Any ways enough of this tangent back to the contest :P

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  • 2 weeks later...

Im up for this you can see my deviant art here http://colindaniellafferty.deviantart.com/ 

The only problem i have is will the signature have to be generic or can it be specific enough to one game. I know yyou requested that it include all games or none at all which is totally fine. 






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We would also like for Arma and Minecraft to have a game specific signature. As these are kind of our main games atm.


For the editable signatures they should be AW themed (or have items from all sorts of games), as AW does not stand for one game only, as we are a gaming community for any game.


I like your entry, and edited your post to display the picture properly. Thanks for the first entry in the competition !! That makes you in the lead :D

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