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Bandwidth config A3 Pub servers


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What sort of bandwidth settings has AW set for your public servers? They seem to be running fairly well even under heavy load (50 players)

Had some issues with our groups server (25-30 players) running custom campaigns so would be interesting to compare settings.


With regards


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Hey Jager, they would be running even better if arma decided it would tell us exactly what's wrong with some of the latest errors we have. instead it gives the illusion of "desync" where actually it's just the arma process just stopped and thinking about how to handle it!


To answer a question with a question:

In your custom missions/campaigns how many AI/Groups are in at one time?

Have you got any cleanup/garbage collection occuring?

Have you considered having the AI activate only when the players are near the AO's?


Our bandwidth is unstressed, we have 1 or two things i can't mention but AFAIK we are running near to the basic.cfg

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