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I&A switch


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I love the invade & annex mission and how it is created, 

and i've been playing for several months now with some updates and improvements on the way.


Now i had a small idea that i didnt found in any other topic ( pardon me if there is  one ) but the idea is that the csat will be replace with independent, with the vehicles and all. 


So when the server would be restarted we could change it and with a other restart we could go back just for some difference in the game 

because all those same csat missions with the same vehicles gets 'old', 

i don't know if this is possible but it would get some change in the game for the people who are regulars in the AW servers.


I hope you guys find this a 'good' or a idea that could be thought about. 

Thanks for reading and i'll hope to get some responds of this. 

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This seems like just a cosmetic change.


I suppose it could be done without too much trouble. Would be neat to go up against BLUFOR some time too.




I am working on an I&A mod that contains parallel AOs, one main and one "side AO" which is Independent-related. more light infantry and less heavy armor.



As it stands now, its hard for small teams to really affect the battlefield, even at side missions, due to all the armor.



Some small objectives with 8-16 infantry and no armor would be a nice change and attract people to even a lightly populated server.


When I'm done I'll post the relevant information somewhere here

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I sort of had the similar idea, but i think we should be using AAF equipment instead of enemies, since their helicopters are pretty

essential for current air lift operations, in otherwords the Mohawk (smaller helos carrying tanks would be kind of freaky).


Wy-55 Hellcat = British Lynx helicopter

FV-720 Mora  =  British FV-510 Warrior IFV

MBT-52 Kuma = German Leopard 2


But yes some actual changes might be interesting, rather then cosmetic ones.

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