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Vehicle alterations


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Recent patch added few new additions to the game, so here is few suggestions.


Basically the current base turns in to AAF base (in terms of vehicles), but should still contain NATO infantry equipment

and NATO bonus vehicles.



Air Forces :


Armed Hellcat (replaces pawnee)


Hellcats capability for troops transportation and counter-measures makes it far better choice

over frail pawnee in terms of efficiency


Unarmed Hellcat (replaces little bird)


Probably has more capacity then little bird and has counter-measures.



Unarmed Hellcat (replaces ghost hawk)


Despite ghost hawks advantage of having gunner on sides it, they tend to be miss used specially against pilots will

and tends to be annoying at times.







Ground forces :


Mora IFV (replaces AMV)


Mora is on equal grounds with AMV in terms of firepower, but Mora has superior maneuverability over AMV in climing difficult terrain and turning. The better speed of AMV on flat ground isnt often needed duo air lifting.


Second AAF IFV (Mora or AFV-4 Gorgon)


Having a second respawnable IFV would offer more mechanized infantry gameplay among the team, which doesnt often happen in the event of bonus vehicle being destroyed before its time or the long the process of getting one from the rewards.

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The general idea with the new vehicles for the moment will be to just add them in full-tilt for a short period of time to allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy and familiarize with them. Then, when we have more time to refine, update, and balance, we will trickle them in as side mission rewards.

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