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1.08 Update


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As by now most of us already know, we all should have received a cute little 1GB holiday gift from Bohemia this morning. In this thread I will highlight some of the most relevant and significant changes that people will be excited/pissed off to hear about. You can view the complete change log here at http://dev.arma3.com/spotrep-00016


  • Added MBT-52 Kuma tank
  • Added FV-720 Mora Infantry Fighting Vehicle
  • Added: Wy-55 Hellcat (armed and unarmed) helicopters
  • Added: LRPS optics
  • Added: IR grenades
  • Added: Black variants of MX rifles
  • Tweaked: AI engagement ranges. AIs should prefer full-auto mode with MX SW.
  • Update of backpack equipment. Introduced new backpack for divers of all factions.
  • Changed muzzle damage reductions to 0.8, for 0.7 was too much for new protection levels, resulting in too many hits required for a kill.
  • Grenade damage levels set according the new soldier protection levels. Introduced greater difference between HE Grenade and Mini Grenade. HE Grenades now act as heavier and more powerful defensive grenades, Mini Grenades are lighter, can be throw much further away, but do less damage.
  • Elevated throw angle by a little to better match arm movement and also put grenade little further by default
  • Decreased overall helmet protection to elevate importance of headshots
  • Fixed: ‘Locking’ of texture in rain Post-Processing
  • Added: Side-specific diver goggles
  • Team members are ordered according to their numbers (Squad leader UI?)
  • Fixed: Performance issue caused by fog


I did not spot anything that mentioned a fix for the disappearing chat window, however there were some random technical jargon statements related to the UI, so its possible. Please confirm.

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