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Door gunners & Hi!


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First of all I wanted to say hi,

I've been playing a bit on your server the last days and it was a blast - a wonderful place to be and be shot at from various angry AI's!


So I have a question which I could not find answered in the FAQ and didn't wanted to try out since it might make someone unhappy ;). I understand that the pilot and co-pilot seat in the helicopters are reserved for pilot players and the vehicle getting disabled if the boarding player is not of that class - which is a wonderful way to get around the problem of people stealing them or just going bananas in general, that said I did not find any hint regarding the door gunner seats. So I was wondering if there are code wise restrictions for those or is agreement with the Pilot enough?

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First off welcome to Ahoy World! Glad you've been enjoying yourself :D


The vehicle getting disabled really is basically down to lag (most of the time) As far as I know simply sitting in the co-pilot seat will not break the heli's rotors, however it is just common courtesy to stay in the back seats, that way there is no risk of a problem occurring :D


In regards to the door guns, again as far as I'm aware there are no code restrictions or restrictions at all about sitting on the gun of a helicopter. Just make sure you don't sit firing it when not necessary, for one, it pisses off a lot of people, two, can sometimes cause accidental TK'ing and worst of all, when you get close to the AO, can attract enemy fire.


Happy Invading and Annexing! :)

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Aloa Danny,

thanks for the quick reply! That's good to know, I wasn't about to be an idiot and run of firing like a crazy but I figured it would add to good team play if a chopper capable of having gunners had them - might make landing in dangerous terrain a bit more feasible and add to the immersion over all :).

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