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Vehicle Respawn with VAS


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Hi guys, first I'd like to congratulate you on this game mode - it's hugely entertaining and something which the guys in my community really enjoy.


I'm making a few changes to the mission though, to reflect the ideas and wants of our members (all the while making sure Ahoy World and Rarek are credited as they should be) and I'm striking some strange issues.


Essentially, I'm trying to create a couple of vehicles which can act as mobile HQs, complete with VAS, but the problem I'm striking is just getting VAS to appear at all, to be honest.


Looking at the scripts you guys are using, when a vehicle is respawned, it executes vehicle.sqf, with a couple of parameters for respawn delay and so on. Looking at vehicle.sqf, it gives a couple more parameters, then says the init field of the vehicle can be set after those parameters, by putting the code into double quotes.


This is the code I've put into the init field of the vehicle in the editor:



_m = [this,300,1800,0,false,false, "this addAction['Virtual Ammobox', 'VAS\open.sqf'];"] execVM "vehicle.sqf"; _m = [this] execVM "scripts\aw_unitSetup.sqf";



It doesn't work at all. I've tried escaping the apostrophes, I've tried doubling them up, I've tried enclosing them in double quotes - I didn't think that would work but had to try - and I'm now running out of ideas. 


Would love to hear if you guys can suggest anything.



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you wanting to put it in the aw_unitsetup.sqf. Just classify what type of vehicle you want it to be in. Getting just straight VAS in the vehicle init line, while using the vehicle.sqf is a PAIN. I spent lengths of time trying to figure it out and it sucks. So to simplify it, I just add it to the unitsetup if I put it in.


you can add it directly to the vehicle no problem, the problem then arises when it respawns. The vehicle then will not have VAS attached to it since it is being spawned by vehicle.sqf and not the game itself.


Just look att hat file and you will be able to figure out how you need to implement it for your needs. if not I will break it down for you. 

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You are a gentleman and a scholar. I discovered the same things, it's easy enough to get VAS showing, but when it respawns, no VAS, which is as you say, a pain. I'll have a look at the file you mentioned and post what I find here - might as well save someone else the heartache.


Incidentally, is there anything special I should think about if we want to run ACRE on this mission? We are all running Teamspeak 3.0.11 and the latest version of ACRE, so is it just a matter of dropping a couple of radio boxes and getting on with it?


Thanks again,



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yea, basically how we do our acre server is this....


start ARMA with all acre stuff enabled. go to the editor and toss a couple acre boxes down. You can also set each unit, if you feel so inclined, with a set radio.



this addItem "ACRE_PRC119";  this assignItem "ACRE_PRC119";


this addItem "ACRE_PRC148";  this assignItem "ACRE_PRC148";

but you will have to enter either of those lines into each unit as you see fit.


Lastly, you will want to throw down a few radio towers around the island. Otherwise you will loose coms easily.

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