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Vehicle inventory issue

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The way the clearMagazines; clearCargo script has been implemented, has caused any gear that is loaded into an affected vehicle by players, to disappear after a short time. 





Get an 'emptied' Hunter from the motor pool.


Load with rockets and ammo.


Drive to AO


Get out to shoot.


Go to vehicle for rockets/ammo.


Vehicle cargo empty again.




I've had better luck just applying the clearCargo; clear Magazines script straight to the particular vehicle init rather than applying it to all vehicles of a certain type. It also allows some vehicles of a certain type to retain their stock cargo/mags for grab-and-go use.

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Just a little update.



Note sure whether I broke something in recent versions but even adding it to individual vehicles doesn't seem to work correctly (anymore).


after respawn it has all its default inventory back again. you fixed that with the


"if((_unit isKindOf "B_MRAP_01_F") OR (_unit isKindOf "B_MRAP_01_hmg_F")) then {clearitemcargo _unit; clearWeaponCargoGlobal _unit; clearMagazineCargoGlobal _unit;};"


line which Ive had hard trouble replicating just adding to individual vehicle inits. in order to make them functional for custom loading without despawning of inventory items.





on another note, have AW tried to find a workaround for the chat-disappearance/stream-friendly UI issue? Some Wasteland servers don't seem to be afflicted by it. I wonder if it is a client-side default issue, or serverside, or just Bohemia/Arma issue. I poked through some server cfgs and mission sqfs but couldn't find anything that might lend itself to a solution.

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The problem with the removal of the ammo/weapons/items is this... Since it is in the file that it is in, it gets called when the vehicle respawns. All fine and good and works just fine that way. The problem occurs when another vehicle gets destroyed and that file gets called again from a respawn. The other vehicle that is destroyed now calls the aw_unitsetup and fires that line again. In turn this will check every vehicle in that list and clear out the items.


The other way also works fine, where you place the code in the vehicle init, but the problem with that way is that the vehicle when it respawns will no longer have that code attached to it. This is how we have it for now though. Until I have extra time to write it into the vehicle.sqf file to only run it on respawn and not every vehicle that respawns.


As for the chat problem. We are crossing our fingers that they fix it with this next patch.

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