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PhysX3_x86.dll crash


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My game client crashes A LOT when playing I&A.  Its driving me mental and I might cry next time it happens.  Its totally random.  I am not alone.


:angry: Its the PhysX3_x86.dll crash! :angry:


I have been reading about this on various forums and so far it seems NOBODY knows WHY this happens.  I have tried ALOT of things to get it to work:

A clean reinstall from steam

Vsynch on/off

Effects low/high,setting my CPU to default speeds(not overclocked)

Removing that PhysX3_x86.Dll from the Steam library repository and getting it again using Steam

Changing the post processing engines

Getting the latest ATI drivers and the beta ones

Getting the latest PhysX drivers from Nvidia

Posting my .rpt files to my local MP!

Putting one foot in a tub of cold water when playing

Sacrificing a small bird

etc etc etc


The bugger still crashes all the time.


The game client is more unsable than a pile of Jenga brick at the world Jenga tournament just before the LAST BLOCK IS PULLED OUT.




Does ANYBODY have a CLUE about WHY this happens and HOW TO FIX IT????????????




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The problem does seem to be be much worse when the server is full, especially at the weekend.  I played for 4 or 5 hours last night after about 8:00pm uk time until about 1:00 am and the game only crashed once just after 1:00am.  I was just about to stop playing anyway so I wasn't too bothered.


However that time it was not due to the PhysX3_x86.dll.  I got the message that I got kicked but I think this was a server glitch rather than a punishment as I wasn't doing anything wrong.


I think that single player mode is stable too.  I have had the PhysX3_x86.dll crash doing Wasteland but I hardly ever play that so I can't say for sure.

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