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A CHOPPER Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-hah-hah harrrrrrrrrrr!


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Hi folks,

Firstly I have a confession to make.  When I first tried to play Arma III I&A on ahoy EU servers, I tried to fly helicopters....


I have a sucession of DISASTERS!  Straight off the bat.....(I think I was very unlucky  mind you).....I got kicked.  It was for my own good...lol


My unluck streak went like this:


One was when I pulled up and to the right and smacked into another full mowhawk that was right up my arse.  Boom! I killed almost everybody on the server.  I got shot down, I smacked into a hill, another two full chopper wiped out.  I smacked into a full Marshal with a full chopper...How? I dunno......All this happened in the time it takes to get and load up a new chopper 4 times :-O.

Needles to say I got kicked.  My only excuse, it looked easier than it is to fly a chopper and I was a MASSIVE NOOB, and I hadn't figured out the chat by then so I couldn't hear everybody telling me what a knob I was being.


:blink: So SORRY for being a deadly teamkilling, chopper smashing NOOB....... :blink:


Everybody must think I am a PROPER CHARLIE!


Honest, I am not a Charlie, I am a fairly intelligent computer gameing nut....honest :-)

400 hours of game time later......

I can fly em alright now! ;-)


I do love to fly helicopters and I fly the KA50 Blackshark and the Huey in DCS world in a virtual squadron now and again.




I had to take a flight test and EVERYTHING for that....That includes reading the 500 page manual for the KA50 too lol.


I also fly RC helicopters, I have a MCPX, and a MCPX-BL, and a Blade 450 3D driven with a DX7 (if that means anything to anybody)


I used to fly real gliders too and got to early solo/cross country standard....That was a long time ago now.


Back to Arma 3, its pretty much what I have been waiting for for all these years (since PC games were invented), an integrated multiplayer battfield, if only it had the level of simulation that DCS world has with the ground elements Arma 3 has, coupled with the stability and scope of World of Warcraft.  That would be a perfect game.  However as there aren't any groups that could spend One Hundred Million credits on it...It probably won't ever happen.


In the I&A servers I love flying the choppers, especially the blackfoot! I also love tank driving and playing AT/AA or Grenadier.


So far I have been loving the game, it really is the best game I have ever played, apart from World of Warcraft ;-)


If only I could stop my game crashing out all the time.....See my other posting in the Aram3 forum....


So to sum up


:blink: SORRY for being a deadly teamkilling, chopper smashing NOOB....... :blink:




I haven't done it since "the kick"....(up the arse).... sorted me out! lol


Cheers!  See you people in the game

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