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JTF2/AW Joint Ops Stream


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Here's the stream from my point of view of the night's joint ops, with myself as effective AAF and Alpha Squad lead (a role I unwittingly volunteered for), Raz as Bravo Squad Lead, and every other AW member who attended, as we went on our merry way of fighting our way out of an occupied town after being surrounded, and jogging through various forests, fields and ditches to get to our antenna hill to attempt to broadcast to JTF2, the NATO forces. After anywhere from 15-30 minutes well spent of attempting to call them with various SOS tones and the like, we heard their comms filter onto our 119s and felt joy (no I'm not kidding it was that great).

We then spent some more time jogging through various fields, forests and valleys to get to an RV point after finally hailing NATO to arrange a pick up. The moment of pure euphoria when a NATO littlebird flew and circled overhead was unrivalled, with their scout team, their lead, as well as their armour rolling up in due course to escort us back home.

When we finally landed in their base, it seemed like they got the short stick, as the base was pretty much destroyed, with many vehicles burnt out wrecks. Talking to some of the JTF2 men, we garnered that they had bore the full brunt of CSAT resistance to the base and several brutal counter-attacks shortly after taking it. 

We re-geared up and decided to attack the CSAT headquarters, the last port of call for the mission. After some large logistics problems involving vehicles, Bravo ended up less than a click away from the compound, whilst myself and Alpha (at this point we were about half the strength than what we should have been) were sitting at the base twiddling our thumbs and messing around with several of the JTF2 guys. After learning that their air transport had gone down and one of their tanks had been reduced to scrap metal, myself and Danny (my trusty medic) were rolling out in the back of a Slammer (because Angel and Christiansen were going to get vehicles from an old supply post, more on this later).

We finally got to a town we were going to clear only to find it empty, after we had dismounted. Shaking our heads in disbelief, I got on the horn to Bravo to learn they were about 2 clicks out, less than 1 click away from the target compound. At this moment, Angel and Christiansen rolled up in the one vehicle they found, a quadbike. 

After discerning that the squad lead and medic were the most important, we made it to Bravo's location with a less-than-healthy quadbike, and with Angel and Christiansen jogging our way.

With everyone (bar hoax who was ready and waiting on a mortar we had set up) ready, we moved up to the compound walls at the head of the allied advance. After taking some fire from within the compound we held our ground and radioed JTF2 for them to come up and help us assault the final objective. Waiting 5-10 minutes, we finally heard the rumble of the slammer, and the lasers of their infantrymen coming up the hill towards us. With Hoax launching a HE salvo (which killed our medic and Angel) the combined forces of JTF2 and AW assaulted the compound with minimal loss, clearing the compound of hostiles and completing the final objective.

After a while of faffing around, involving lots of teamkilling (namely by Pliskin) and dragging people away from the invisible fire that seemingly enveloped two wrecked vehicles, we got together for a good 'ol group photo as the sun was starting to rise (though it was so foggy it was barely any brighter than the pitch-black we had been fighting in).


I enjoyed leading AW, even though I may not have intended to at the start, and I feel like it's given me some good experience to perhaps alleviate the strain of leadership that is almost always placed upon raz. Kudos to the JTF2 guys as well, seeing as they probably had a much harder time that we did. Definitely looking forward to doing another joint op sometime in the future, hopefully soon.


Cain 'Trigger' out.

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