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Getting 'Twitch t'werk


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So there's this game streaming service called the twitch! Tis like the you tubes but fewer cats and live footage of games and schizzle!!

If you've noticed on the AhoyWorld homepage sometime some of our members stream their gaming but we need more!!!

hit us up with your twitch details so we can enjoy your shooting, flying, rocketry, truck driving, surgeon simulating, grand theft autoing etcetera etcetera...


Also there is a site called multitwitch which allows you to stream multiple streams simultaneously might be one to watch during game nights or whateva...





just add the twitch username to the end separated but a forward slash (oh you kids only call it a slash but you dont remeber the backslash all important in DOS!!!)


so anyway copy this and add your username to the end lets see home many streams we can get 




also if you came here to see some twerking here you go http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZrHTUD7AVM

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