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Bruce's Diary


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So I'd like to begin with a statement


" I R n00b !"


with that said I shall continue with my rambling assessment of the server I have chosen to inhabit and pollute with my foetid presence.


Day 1 ) initiation.


Today I joined my first Company assault on Altis, the skies were clear and the sun beat down,

it was so hot I decided that I shall forever run around in only my undershorts!


I was so happy to see people I did happy little circles on the airstrip until a helo landed on my head,

The pilot mentioned my behaviour over global comms and everyone had a good laugh before it all went dark and I was back in the lobby, waiting for a new assignment.


Day 2) getting a job


The guys welcomed me to the company by making me their medic bitch

After sitting next to the pilot in the Helo he looked at me with his soulless dead and uncaring eyes before uttering the words "Get the Frag out!"

I presumed he meant get my grenades ready, so I got out and did that before having to get in the cargo area


We landed under heavy gunfire and I dove for cover,

my comrades in arms all did likewise, choosing only the highest blades of grass to cover their armoured forms,

They then began screeaming at me when I refused to run from my fox-hole across the open fields to apply band-aids to their boo-boo's.


Day 3) Being a medic is not for everyone


Apparently running into the smoking inferno of a tank means that the medic should sacrifice his mortal self for the greater good

and dive into the fiery depths to drag comrades to freedom,


The sniper next to me who was running point and using his sniper scope to get up close and REAL personal to some enemies

Kindly informed me that I "Should do your flipping job, moran!" and because I wouldn't run infront of the enemy tank while he 'covered me!'


swiftly demoted me to Repair Spec... I feel happier now, I only have to run along the roads after him in his stolen bobcat and repair it whenever he takes "Evasive Maneuvers" and crashes int oa building..

I feel an overwhelming sense of fulfilment.


Day 4) Teamwork is ....


Today I got bossed around a lot... "Alpha team, get up that hill..... take those windmills .... cover meeeee ... GO GOGOGOGO .... Bruce lookout for those mines ......!"


It's like a home away from home, I even got my first kill ... well, it was raining bullets on the enemy soldier from all angles, but I'm fairly sure that me putting a sniper scope on my pistol meant I got the killing blow!


Today ) ... who knows ?!

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