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First Impressions



I'm new,  so go easy !


but I'd like to offer an outsiders PoV  from my first few days



1)  waiting with no medic and respawning is a bitch,   especially if there are only a few pilots or multiple AO's


ideas :  


a : option for a squad commander to drop a "rally point" 

that fallen team mates can respawn at  (Once only)

and only members of his team can go there  (trying to enforce some teamwork too)


b:  add some "outpost"  objectives that once captured (Side mission)  can be respawned at ..

but eventually the enemy sends a recapture force to take it back



2)  Civilians ... where the hell did they all go ?


a:  obviously repopulating the island is a tough job,  but some one has to do it .. amirite ?

also,  no one wants the performance hit of too many bodies in town

but can we get ..some objectives where there are hostages or civilian deaths drops points scored etc.


I'm going for food .. will have to think of more after I fill my belly !



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Some nice ideas, think some have been touched up before

The squad rally point is a good one, leader can drop once per ao and members can spawn once only at it and maybe only while leader is alive or within the ao.

The outpost thing would only be useful if the main ao was within 2 or 3 clicks of side I think, as it is now most sidemission can spawn opposite side of map so a spawn there after completion would be a bit pointless.

Civies emu would like to see them add some life to the map but as you said the hit would probably be to much, but maybe possible with something like the zombie spawned, maybe Civies could only activate if players were 500m from a town and only if on the ground so airborne players don't trigger them while crossing the map

If I get some spare time in next few weeks I might have a play about with the mission scripts (a bit rusty mind so will take a while) and see what's possible and pass onto core staff for approval

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Cheers Dingo,


Like I said,  I'm a nub, so take it with a pinch of salt...  and I can't take all the credit for the outpost idea,


Played a load of MWLL a while back and once you take a base,  you can then select it to respawn at,  until the enemy team takes it back again.

seems to fit here.


Second Statement  "Bruce has far too much time on his hands!"


someone else mentioned the idea I really like of counter insurgency, 

once main AO is taken, maybe it could flag a small force of enemy to re-attack there from a random location...

or even Parachute them in or spawn a minigun armed helo full of bad-asses!


All credit goes to Kickkill  and Leedz ?  I think it was

who intro'd me to the beauty of AiA for the following idea :


adding a main AO around a captured SCUD,  

the good guys have to get in

and get a commander role to the UAV and disable it

 before waves of troops descend to take it back.  or before the timer finishes then BOOM


it is VERY James Bond  Goldeneye :)   but sounds like fun fun fun.


More you say ?


how about killing the radio tower means the personal UAV that can actually spot the last guy in AO that insists on hiding his ass for TWO HOURS !




Squad commander gets a laser designator for a single airstrike per hour or per AO

once all enemy air is taken out only.




... yeah I'll stop now,


It is a great credit to the AW team and community that I'm enjoying the game so much,

and that I am fired up to tweak stuff and help to improve if I can.


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