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ACE with All in Arma - How? can anyone read French??


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this guy has 2x videos up showing ACE active using All In Arma either he's an editing genius or a cheating video editing genius

I want to know how he done it, so want Ace in A3, tried just launching with 6 and various other launch options but none work





scratch that, got it working in editor, cant use acex but everything else works 



change the @file name so 6 doesn't try to update it when adding to a collection

the main menu is a bit messed up and the escape menu too but all the Ace stuff functions properly as far as I can see

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Yeah for sure very interested 


been looking at a few different mods that resemble parts of ACE the last couple of days since we started messing around A2 & Ace, 

then found these vid's and got all over excited :)


If you ignore the broken menu's and lack of multiplayer :( (just discovered because of broken menu multiplayer cant be selected)

ACE works quite well with ALL IN ARMA, actually got ACEX, RU & USNAVY to load too now, along with all the jsrs's and a few of the A2 maps maps 

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Task force radio is fairly nice easy to use too

need one or 2 people to test it on eu3 if possible to see what the radio effect sound like


dl from here, instructions on the site really straight forward.



Basicly your acre ptt keys stay the same,

just put the @addon file into arma as normal copy the userconfig into the userconfig folder in arma install and cut and paste the teamseak client files into TS instal folder peasy easy.


switching radio's is more straight forward then ACRE no finger twisting key combos,

Cap's lock is short range, Ctrl & Caps is long range


radios are applied at spawn in 

Squad leaders get Long & Short radios automaticly everyone else get SR, if they need a LR radio they are in the vas as a backpack

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