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Don't Panic! The British are coming !


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Good morning Gentlemen (and somewhere in here I bet at least one Lady),


So,  Who is Bruce?


Bruce is a retired Weapons Technician, 

with delusions of Front line aptitude and a burning desire to crash a Mohawk full of troops into the dead centre of the AO.


He's been in ArmA2 through BAF and PMC and now, (Finally !)  ArmA3 - Single play,  thought I'd give Genocide  Multiplayer a try !


So far Ahoy World people have welcomed my dulcet tones onto TS  

and have even introduced me to the historical re-enactment society of AiA (All in ArmA)

where we flew billions of dollars worth of equipment into the ground to try and kill single enemies with the resultant blast...

... awesome ! :)


Looking forward to running blindly around Altis with you,

shooting at friendlies ..

...and flying you to your deaths ... Mwuahahahah !


In Conclusion, 

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire .... BRUCE!



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Thanks all for the warm welcome,


I'll be on tonite from 20:00 GMT ..  (I will be prompt or RazGriz get's all angry and bossy at me ...)


Back in the day, I had a Regimental Sergeant Major that sounds as angry and mildly constipated too,  maybe related ?   ;)


catch you online 


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