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Hello there!

So yes, writing here means I've joined to the community as well :D


When I first started playing Arma3, I was something like shocked, because everything looked complicated and I thought that I've spent money for something I'd never like. In that moment, I wouldn't have expected that I'd love playing Arma3 like I am doing these days x)


I didn't drop the game, so first I started to try everything out what the game could offer at its release day. While trying out the Multiplayer, I joined to the Ahoy World Server by accident, seriously by accident! :D  And there I begun to like the whole game, especially after getting more involved to the gameplay. Since that day, I play in the Ahoy World server very often. I like the servers mission and stability of Ahoy World too, while I am experiencing more lags and stuttering issues in other servers, your servers are running more smooth compared to the others.


And of course, you guys from the community are pretty cool too :D

So I thought, why not joining the community as well? And here I am B)


For those who'd like to know my in-game name: I've the same name using for my profile here - some of you might know me already, since we've played together. I like to play as Sniper, Pilot and Medic. Also people like me to play these, because I do my job very well :P

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Well, thank you :D


The Anime is great, but I recommend to read the Manga as well. It's fantastic and the story goes far more ahead then the Anime. Also there's an issue to the end of the Anime, which is not the same as written in the Manga. You should really read it, I am pretty sure you'd like it ^^

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