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Transport & Ambush non-acre bug-finding event


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Tomorrow Sunday 24-11:


I will be running a non-acre version of the T&A mission, to get as much as possible people onboard and play at least 10vs10 in a attempt to find the last bugs so i can prepare the release version.


Everyone happy to join: i will be online afternoonish central european time, hope to see some of you there !

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Great mission, I really enjoyed playing on both sides today and think we have the making of a fantastic mission here.  I hope we can play this again soon, maybe even as a game night?  Or organised community versus community game?  I have a few suggestions, sorry for the wall of text but I wanted to let you know my thoughts because I really want to see us play this mission more.


Please empty all the vehicles at base so people can quickly load them up with whatever supplies they need for the ambush/convoy.


I think both sides could do with a few repair specialists.


I'd change the helicopters as well, give OPFOR an unarmed Orca and BLUFOR a littlebird.  It's confusing having 2 identical choppers between the teams, and both being the AAF helo is unnecessary.


Editing the VAS might be required, I love mortars and the strategy of using them to support an advance but I can also appreciate others might get pissed off with it.  Same goes for UAV's, I'm not 100% on the right solution to this just yet but I think limiting the weapons both teams have will improve people's long term enjoyment.  Same thing goes for guided missiles as they slow the game down to crawl because the convoy is so vulnerable to them.


I am not sure about the placement of the bases.  I think they can be repositioned to avoid one team having to travel too near the other base just to make an ambush.


The most important point is to do with routes.  I love the sandbox nature of the map and how it will create new sites each time but I think this needs to be balanced against restricting the route.  In the first play through today OPFOR nearly missed the convoy, it had actually passed our position and someone caught sight of it in our rear by chance and it was a scramble to get to it.  However the second play through forced BLUFOR to pass through a few towns and also an narrow strip of land - all great points for an ambush, which for me as a BLUFOR player made for a great experience.  If these kinds of "narrow" routes can be used more often I think it will generate more exciting gameplay.

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Excellently enjoyable mission, a good change to regular play

As far as ironing out bugs goes I hear the Morphy Richards power steam elite 42223 is exceptional ;)

Tweaks needed more or less what Hoax said

Few ideas for future instalment maybe,

at mission start or prior to each new Ao while waiting for the 2 minutes to count down, script an Ai boat to come speeding in from Stratis direction and deliver the crates to the docks for pick up.

Need a mission timer / limit, to stop the missions becoming a campathon have a back story that the goods are perishable and on ice :)

Maybe for the first mission have blu4 spawn with crates off shore in boats near the South tip of island and have to land and comendere transport to get to main airfield???? Meanwhile behind the faceade of an innocent looking bookstore op4 are coming in by sea north of island and have to comendere vehicle and either get to their base to tool up or go straight to find the blus landing point and ambush

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Thanks guys for all the great feedback, also on the teamspeak !!


Just to let you know i'm working on a bigger update that will be the first official release, but it will take a bit of time before everything is ready.


These updates are mostly aimed to balance the gameplay:


- Restriction of all weapons based on side.

- Mortars and rockets will only spawn a limited amount of ammo once every 30min

- Changed the opfor heli to black cobra

- Hunters & ifrits can be lifted by heli

- A field repair function added for units that carry the repairkit, only repairing mobility (red to yellow only), not fixing any broken weapons

- Replacing the BTC revive with a ace-like woundsystem

- more in the change-log: https://bitbucket.org/kamaradski/t-a/wiki/Change-log


I will not add normal engineers or repairpads, since they operate too quick, and can magically fix everything. It is more fun (and adds difficulty) to add the extra logistic hassle of keeping a repair truck close.


Rockets, mortars etc will be limited as i try to promote close-combat situations where the defenders are face-to-face with their attackers. Thats also why most of the vehicles are soft body type.


I will not force fixed routes EVER, but will try to implement something that restrict vehicle speed to about 30km/h when offroad (pls let me know if you know a good way to do this). Thats also why i try to place the destinations in such a way that the routes to get there are limited as possible.


BLUFOR base is permanent, OPFOR might be subject to change, however the challenge here is to not have them too far apart in order to avoid racing situations in order to catch-up with BLU (like the delivery to Sofia mission currently). At the moment BTC was limiting OPFOR to one base, but it might be possible soon to implement multiple spawn points for OPFOR. :)


As for the idea with the Boats, i have something similar already in my to-do list (for the future). Though i was more thinking to make one of the islands a destination. And the rubberboats would also have to be transported from main-base to shore. And OPFOR to have a static harbour with 1 armed boat, and 2 transportable rubber-boats to transport troops... But this is to be implemented later, after all bugs have been fixed and gameplay is balanced. check it out: https://bitbucket.org/kamaradski/t-a/issues?q=TODO&status=new&status=open


Lastly, i don't have much time to work on Arma-stuff, but i try to work on the mission about 3 times per week. Still it's slow progress. I recently took on-board MrSixFour that will help me do the testing, however i could use an experienced arma coder to help me fix the last bugs on the current code, and develop new features. An extra pair of hands would make things quicker. (send me a PM when your intrested, not here in the thread pls)

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Is it possible to calculate how far from a road a vehicle is? The further away and the higher the speed is, the bigger risk of a random breakdown.

Also, towing damaged vehicles to a safe spot for repairs would be cool.

Edit: That way there's no forced speed limit. Drive as fast as you need, but at a risk.

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we have: 

So i hope to be able to do something like


if (vehicle == truck) then {
     if (isOnRoad) then {} else { reduce speed to 50km/h };
     if (isNearRoad) then {} else { reduce speed to 30km/h AND random breakdown = 50% };

Or something similar. However didn't experiment yet, and will have to wait till after release V1.0 when everything is stable.


As for vehicle towing \ recovery, will add it to the list of TODO, as this is a must have. :)

We might be able to use the HEMMTmover for this, or port something over from A2.

I might also have a way to add such a port into the mission file instead of requiring a separate mod.

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