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[Suggestion] New missions


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[Defend AO] (Main mission)


Currently all missions involve offensive operations and i would be interested to see defensive operations, so explosive experts with IED bomb tactics, placement of land mines and deployment of static weaponry will become more valid. With limited time to prepare setup and transport troops from previous mission to defend it before waves of enemies spawn to attack and should the defense fail the objective could turn to standard clear the AO mission.



[supply/reinforcement convoy] (Side mission)


Destroy enemy convoy before it reaches its destination. This convoy would have to consist of at least one anti-air vehicle to prevent pawnee from engaging and wiping out the convoy single handedly and the removal of ATGM UCAV also made this mission more valid scenario



[Destroy jammer] (Priority target) - (if possible)


Disables map assists (mainly spotting) from players to make engagement more difficult.





These missions would be added to the mission shuffle, rather then being individual missions happening at the sametime with current setup. (Example. Rather then spawning priority target - mortar team, it may spawn a priority target - jammer tower, instead).

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I'm certainly hoping that I&A 3 is going to have a bit more variation in its missions, different sub objectives within each AO would be good. It would also be nice if the enemies were organised with more purpose, but that may be impractical to achieve in such a large mission. Missions that affect the long term campaign across the island is something I really want to see though, such as capture an airport to establish a FOB, etc.


i would be interested to see defensive operations


In Domination 2 (ArmA 2) - on which I&A is based - occasionally after capturing an AO the enemy would counter attack (i.e. new enemies would spawn outside the AO and advance on it). Defending was quite easy though, you had time to get ready and the enemy basically walked onto you bullets. I'd be in favour of this kind of thing if the enemy packed much more a punch though, like by shelling the AO and coming with air support.


One thing I do miss is random enemy patrols roaming about the map. It made it feel less safe travelling around (a good thing).



Destroy enemy convoy before it reaches its destination.


Again, Domination 2 included this type of side mission. In fact it had over forty different side missions. Most of the differences were superficial though, and the missions actually broke down into the following types:

- destroy a static vehicle or building (sometimes within a time limit)
- steal a vehicle and bring it back to base
- assassinate an individual
- kill a group of infantry and/or vehicles
- get to and destroy something (or rescue someone) before the enemy gets there
- free prisoners/arrest enemies and return them to base
- capture the flag (you literally had to get passed a small force guarding a flag and return it to your base, seemed totally out of place!)
- intercept and destroy a convoy

Of course a couple of these are already in I&A, but few more would be good.


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