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I have totally missed this thread.


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What excuse can I give for this late posting in this thread? Well I think I will go with stupid on this one, since I have already been told I'm crazy in Vanilla Minecraft.



So, I play minecraft, (if that wasn't obvious from the previous line), I play vanilla and like todo things the hard way, there is nothing more fun than bulding  100 block hollow tower and then accidently step over the edge for some stupid reason like trying to do two things at the same time.



At the moment, I'm building a library, at mine and Danne's construction site named Atlantis. Where we (well mostly Danne) have built a ridiculous large underwater glass dome. Benneath this we have a huge open construction going almost all the way down to bedrock (we leave 10 blocks for redstone trickery benneath the floor).


Here I have built a Skeleton XP grinder with an on/off switch!


We will also in the future build some appartments for players to "rent".


Of course the two floor high library!


We also a have a fully stocked garden floor. And plans for a underground barn for all the animals...



We also have huge plans for building a really large item sorter! there are a few things left, like excavating the huge room to hold the sorter! it is going to be huge!!! and we have most of the raw material, but we are going to need ALOT of things, and since this is vanilla, no flying, no give commands, and no creative mode to build the actual sorter...






I have "missed" minecraft for while and then Danne set out to introduce me to this, and now I'm here... lucky me, that my computer is so crappy that I cannot really play Arma III, or else I would be totally screwed.




I tend to have a few oppinions on things and thus I ended up helping with the Vanilla Minecraft server... I also ended up running a few minecraftsserver at home for testing purposes to learn how things works.



I hope to help maintain a better minecraft server that gives player the opportunity to enjoy Minecraft and show of their mad building skills.


I have not even considered to apply for FTB. There are no horses there, I just LOVE horses, they are way better than minecart railways, except that minecart allows you todo other things while being transported between point A and B.





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