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Saying hi.


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I figured it's time to introduce myself on the forums. Over the last week, especially this weekend, I've been enjoying myself greatly on the AW IA servers. I've had the pleasure to meet and play with several of you on Teamspeak.


My nickname is ShortsNL. I'm a 24 year old dude from the Netherlands. I study business and my spare time is mostly spent on my main hobby, gaming. I've been gaming on the PC since I was five or six, starting off with Commander Keen. At the age of 11-12 I got my first FPS, Rainbow Six 2: Rogue Spear. My first multiplayer experience was with Battlefield 1942, a series that I adored up until Battlefield 3, when things got too commerial and CoD-oriented for me. I enjoyed DayZ a whole lot but quickly crossed over into ArmA 2 Domination. I bought ArmA 3 a month and a half ago. Since then I've been getting my hands dirty with lots of organized co-op and single player practice.


A week or two ago I decided to try the AW servers. They quickly became my servers of choice for IA and since then I've been there and on TS with great pleasure. Last saturday I was blessed to lead a 8 man squad around, together with regular Matadee and Elcour, while I totally didn't realize he was one of the admins, and asked him 'do you play a lot here?' :D The overall experience was excellent and got me back to my days of Battlefield 2, when I loved going around with an organized squad, clearing objectives. Yesterday night provided an equally satisfying session under the leadership of Shaman.


I'd like to thank you all for the amazing server you have created and its fantastic atmosphere. In my 10+ years history of multiplayer FPS gaming I have never seen such a professional, cordial and teamwork-oriented server. I was amazed at the extent to which seemingly random people suddenly work together on your server, almost out of nowhere. I love it.


I hope to see you all again soon in-game for lots of fun.





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This is exactly what got me addicted to frequenting and joining up with the Ahoy World guys! So friendly, and so willing to play together regardless of whether you have been here for 2 years, or 2 days. I've never enjoyed gaming as much as I have the past 2 months! 


Welcome aboard!

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