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Introducing myself...!


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 Hello AW! Figured i'd join the community since i play on the servers so much, and i'd like to get in on more serious action.

This is me.ze880gA.jpg

Here's who i am:

Real name: Kretz (Doc Kretz on FB)

Born in 87



Here's what i base my Arma playstyle on:

Serving in the NOR Armed forces since 2008.

  • Navy boot camp,june 2008.
  • Joint NOR A.F. Medical training center, November 2008.
  • Joint NOR. A.F. Conscript Med.TF. December 2008
  • FIST-SAN Forward Insertion Medical TF, June 2009
  • ISTC Spec-ops Medical training fac. Pfullendorf,Germany. April 2010
  • Sea/Land/Air Joint NOR-AF Forward Med Platoon, June 2010
  • ISAF RC NORTH May 2011
  • Sea/Land/Air joint NOR-AF Forward Med Platoon,january 2012
  • ISTC Spec-Ops Medical Training Fac, Pfullendorf Germany, April 2012
  • Sea/Land/Air Joint NOR-AF Forward Med Platoon, May 2012 until present day.

"Our superiors always underestimate the threat on the ground, just as much as we overestimate their ability to know what the fuck is going on."
 Here's my preferred roles in a squad:

  • Medic - 
    I bring years of real life expertise to the table in a tactical situation. You wont see me rush away from your fireteam
    to heal one guy in the "killbox" where he got shot in the first place and getting myself killed, leaving your fireteam in the storm. Once you go down, trust that i will handle it and stay down - And if your buddy goes down, wait for your team leader to advise, or for me to take command of the isolated situation with the wounded.
  • Squad Leader - 
    I've served with the best and been taught by experts, I've had the honor of their advice and I've proved myself worthy of my rank and position as Runner-Up on my team. I keep it simple, and on target, and i make correct and proper use of each role in the team as they are intended. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.
  • Spotter - 
    When you need to take out that one guy, I'll be calling the target next to you. If its a shooting gallery, we'll both be burning through rounds.
  • Machinegunner - 
    The awesome suppressing firepower at the flank of your fireteam is a beautiful thing and a tactical necessity in nearly all assault ops. I have general knowledge and skill of this role, and its fun!
  • Pointman - 
    Putting a medic up front is a waste, but if im without a medkit on me, i can waylay and study the map to find the best probable route to your objective, so that you as the team leader can worry about comms and situational awareness across our force and mission, advising the entire team so that we do not end up yelling "FUBAR". Oh, and as for urban warfare is concerned, i know it looks cool to be the guy with the LMG kicking the door down ripping through a mag or two, but mission success rates higher than rambopoints. Mini grenades will solve all our problems and welcome us into a nice, messy room with only dead bodies.

Most important is my respect for command. The team leader is in charge,and you wont get fuzz from me.

Lets go downrange, hoo'ah?

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