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Observations at the UAV spawn


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It seems like the UAV:s are slowly taking damage where they spawn. Not only the greyhawks but if anyone is standing nearby will take damage as well and will die if not moving away or using FAK. I've seen the actual hangars gone a couple of times as well. Not wrecked, but completely gone. I do not know the source of damage, but it is there and that's why the greyhawks are exploding and also why you cannot connect to them sometimes. It seems you are unable to connect if they are damaged and they start taking damage as soon as they spawn. If you are fast enough you can take control before the damage is too big though. This is also why there are reports that the haymaker dies with no apparent reason....they are standing near the hangars.

The damage zone is quite big. I've attached an image showing that the actual hangars have disappeared and I was taking damage on the spot I'm standing. Not much, but by the time I'm at this point writing this post I needed to use FAK.

Edit: Another observation. Suddenly the hangars appeared again. They were not invisible before, I could move freely without hitting walls.


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