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Hello Lads, and Welcome, to the last Ahoy World Joint Op of the Year! Our guests and esteemed colleagues this time around will once again be the fine folks from JTF2.

So lets get the details out first!

WHEN: Saturday, November 30th, 17:00 UTC
WHERE: Ahoy TS and Server
WHO: We need 15 brave Ahoymen to pick up their rifles, and get into the field. All ground based. No roster assigning. You get a gun, and fight to complete your objective
WHAT: You'll need to bring your digital copy of Bohemia Interactive's ArmA 3, as well as the mods we use in our ACRE Server.
MODS:(same as ACRE server, but watch for updates)

It's bad, guys. We've been overrun, and the few surviving Ahoymen have found temporary refuge in a small house in an occupied town. But we cannot stay for long. Surrounded by Opfor, we must fight and escape the town, track down a radio, and hail the coming NATO QRF that will extract us. Sound good? Well there's more. If we manage to escape and regroup with our allies, then we'll take the fight back to the OpFor. Mission complete when we raze the enemy base. Yay!

So, who's in?

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This probably goes without saying but after last time I feel we definitely need to train at least a small amount before the Op. day. Possibly the weekend before if most people that want to take part are available? Just a suggestion. 

After all, if we are crucial to the mission it's probably best if we don't all die straight away like last time...

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Here here, Danny! We are up against some pretty tough enemy, so training would not be a bad Idea. 


For clarification, If you are interested in coming to the Op, please post in the thread. Can't save your seat if we don't know you're coming!


We do need someone to be Ahoy's commanding officer. Any takers?


Practice will be held a TBA at the moment.

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Ok, so to update, we are just over a week out from this baby.


Next Saturday, It's on! looks like we currently have:















All good still?


If so, we have room for like... 2 or 3 more, but otherwise, we can hang with this number. lemme know, please

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Deciding roles during the briefing is a big no no. Based on the last few joint ops it takes about an hour to get sorted anyway, add in role assignment to that and it will be even longer. Should decide preliminary roles prior to the op. and then at least everybody has a slot which they know they are going in to. Instead of picking roles which suit the operation, choose a loud-out when you get into the game. 

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