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Enemey Reinforcements


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     Another suggestion of mine, adding enemy reinforcement's to AO's. First of all I would not be surprised if this has been brought up before, and secondly I am unfamiliar with the editor, meaning I'm not sure if this can be implemented.


     The Radio Tower is currently preventing the usage of personal UAV's, which I find the UAV's to be helpful when searching for the last remaining enemies in an AO. What if the radio tower, or some other object became a source for the enemy calling in reinforcements? Meaning once this object is destroyed the enemy will no longer be able to call in reinforcements. My reason for this is because usually AO's are cleared in under 10 minutes which seems pretty quick in my opinion. As far as what the enemy reinforcements would be could range from more CAS, Tanks, or Infantry.


     Hope to get feedback on why this idea would be good or bad.

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