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Forward Operating Bases


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     Hey guys just a thought of mine about adding in FOB's. So here's what I've come up with...


If a FOB is added into the I&A servers here's what it could bring. Players would not be able to spawn at a FOB. FOB's would be equipped with a Virtual Ammo Box to allow for quick resupplies before heading to a new AO close by, instead of having to fly back to home base. There are plenty of pilots available for transport, I'm stating this because some could make an argument about pilots not returning to base to pick up newcomers to the server. The FOB's would have minimal vehicles, this obviously would be determined by whoever adds it (if they do).


     I do have plenty more thoughts about FOB's but want to know what you guys think about the idea. This is just a suggestion that I would like to see added to the servers.

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