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mario ban appeal


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I join on early today to find 2 people shooting at one another mario and qkz. some people said that mario was the troll and i did see him fire a rocket at some people at base. so i went on ts and said somthing to mykey and he banned mario. later i come to find out in ts this happend.

<18:46:15> "Mario": Please unban
<18:46:26> "Mario": And than ban qkz..
<18:46:47> "Mario": He try that other players get a ban ...
<18:46:55> "Mario": He write that in Steam to me
<18:47:30> "Mario": qkz: haha :D
qkz: ideaot
Mario: You fucking Team killer..
qkz: but you will get kicked
qkz: thats best trolling session in this weekend
<18:48:08> "Mario": qkz: Ok last word, i don't know if you didn't notice but I really don't give a fuck ;) And the other thing is that my trolling for tonight is over 100% because of You
qkz: You've made my day ;)
<18:48:19> "Mario": I hope that you read that..
<18:54:07> "Mario": I go yet... It's your problem when the wrong People get a ban because of qkz....

not shure what happend but i do thank mario should get another chance.

I was streaming at the time but it messed up with a black screen and bad audio that did not go away till later.

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I don't want to get involved too much but I can confirm qkz was occasionally team killing for his own amusement and before kickkill arrived on the server qkz and Zombie were ganging up on Mario after Mario complained about qkz team killing.

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