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Windows 8.1 update (worth the hassle or not??)


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I have my windows 8 profile(s) on separate HDD as i have windows installed on a small 64gig SDD, the windows update program won't allow me install the 8.1 update because of that.

does anyone know / have 8.1 and is it any better then 8, is it worth the hassle of moving my profile(s) back the same drive as the install to do the update and then split it out again???





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I've got 8.1 running on my laptop (the one with the stuck 'a' key) and it's wayyyyyyyy better than 8,but would I put it on my main machine (the one with the sticky alt key)? I'm not so sure. If you're already on 8 then deffo but if not the decision it's as clear cut.

Also the install takes ages if you do it like I did


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Might as well have been using floppies,

I've done a new install of windows 8 to a new SDD drive so my profile is on the same drive as the install, that took 20 minutes all good, then spent 14 hours trying to update to 8.1 and still no joy keep getting error codes when it finishes the install and then reverts back to previous version of 8 my head is wrecked from it 

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