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One to watch (wish for)


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I'd legit take some more VTOL over fighter jets. If only because, honestly, there's way more functionality to be had with harriers, F35B, or that crazy quad-rotor cargo plane, than with something that can whiz past all of Altis in 60 seconds.


It's the same reason I keep saying lets get away from making Giant Cargo planes, like the Galaxy, and instead, make addons that will be more appropriate for the environment BIS has given us. I mean, honestly; there are people who are lobbying for a C-5 to be made, so they can spend (probably literally) 15 minutes circling to appropriate drop altitude, and then do a HALO jump into the AO-- for a map the size of Washingon D.C.


Is it a neat addon? heck yeah, Definitely!


Do we have a limited supply of talented Addon Makers, who in-turn have a limited amount of time/attention to spend per project? Unfortunately, yes.

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Looks good but i came to the realisation the other day:


If i want to run a cas support mission, why don't i just play DCS or other combat flight sims? view distance, flight model, cockpit etc is just no competition.


Still, looks good though! :)


But on ARMA you get to do it while playing with all your favourite people ;)

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