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Future Altis changes


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Had to go explore, plus an excuse to take the KA-50 out of the box again - horrible by the way even with JSRS on :(

would be cool if there where little AI running around like doozers building stuff in realtime


Currently Stadium under construction, should be ready for the 2025 World Athlethics champs



And Ghost resort, nicely landscaped rocks is about all so far


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Awesome! I remember flicking through the shots quickly through the 'SITREP' that was posted through Steam not long ago.

I really do hope that they make the update ready for tomorrow, as said, knowing it wont be many changes or overhauls, I feel the smaller things that are being gradually added to keep Arma III going for the time being, curious to see what DLC's they are planning like they did for Arma II.


I'm diggin' the primary research on the landmarks too there, it'd be interesting to see before and after shots of the locations once the update arrives. :]

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