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Joint Op Saturday, November 2nd


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Unfortunately this is the first Op. I'm going to have to miss out on as I'll be out Saturday night. Have fun though guys! :D

P.S. To my knowledge EST is 5 hours behind GMT/UTC, which would make it 5pm? :D


Edit: Unless of course the US is still on EDT, not EST in which case 4pm is right.

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Hey Guys, 


SSGT. Kyd from JTF2 here. If you have any question about the operation I'll do my best to fill you in. 


We've run this Op a couple times already, but it is an ever evolving entity. We will be using Acre, very much like the last joint op we ran together. We have VAS in the mission, so whatever slot you are selected to fill you can gear out before hand and save it to one of your first 10 save slots.


Other than that, I look forward to fighting with you guys again.



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