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PayDay 2 and the Skill Tree


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Hello there.


After fiddling around for a while, I've come to a conclusion as to what my skill tree will look like when I'm the ripe old level of 100.




The main good bits are as follows...

  • Stealthy build that can also pack a punch when things don't go too well
  • Has doctor bag / ammo bag / C4 / ECM jammer that can open doors
  • Can throw bags nice and far
  • Can bag-up enemies
  • Noise reduction when killing enemies
  • 2 ECM jammers that can open doors
  • Can silently crack safes
  • 60% armour bonus
  • Increased zoom and accuracy with rifles
  • 6 trip mines / C4 charges
  • A silent drill
  • Has 6 cable ties
  • Can answer 4 pagers
  • Asset cost reduced by 50%
  • Crew stamina increased by 65%
  • Crew armour recovery time decreased by 10%
  • 10% more health
  • 10% more threat
  • Doctor bag interaction speed increased by 20%
  • Shout distance increased by 25%
  • Weapon crafting cost decreased by 19%
  • Headshot damage increased by 25%
  • 40% increased chance to dodge
  • Weapons have 15% chance to pierce armour

So there's my do-it-sneaky / blow-shit-up approach. Wondering what everyone else is going for?

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I've made a special request and so will be home this evening if anyone's going to be around!


Aye I've read about Rats Overkill Pro as well; blow up lab, get documents or don't, kill everyone on bus and escape, instant XP. Repeat. xD

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For when I'm level 100 and have tonnes of cash to spare, here's my silenced shotgun build, too.




Heh, you could sprint in any direction whilst hip-firing with the silenced shotgun with +70% accuracy, +40% dodge chance and a potential +230% damage boost. That muted thud would be so damned deadly. :D

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