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Mission Briefing and other things


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Hey guys,


my name is jürgen, first of all i need to say that my english is not the best im sry for that!

im the admin of an small arma3 clan from austria&germany and were are hosting a arma3 vanilla server for a few days now.


Im really new to this stuff, were coming from the world of project reality (bf2 mod) and i need a bit of help with customizing the invade & annex mission that we loving so much :D

hope you can help me!



- how can i add custom rules and other things to the mission briefing of invade&annex? i tried to add an briefing.html to the missions folder (extracted pbo) but it wont load the html file when i start the mission..  :( 

whats the error?


- i would like to lock a few slots like 2 of the 3 pilot slots for clanmembers only, i heard that this is possible but i cant find scripts or something what helps me to do that


- i played a insurgency mission from the user DAP which has an punishment script for teamkillers, this script will arrest people for 5 minutes for teamkilling, how can i implement a script like that or is that impossible? 



i appreciate your help, greetings from austria!



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