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So yesterday was payday, so I decided to reward my hard work with a new game!


Since the online experience offered by Race07 is now almost completely lost, I thought it was time to branch into a new online sim RFactor is of course a game of high popularity which I have never played.


Well I got right to it and jumped in one of the most challenging cars on the most challenging track: A Lotus 49b (unlicensed as Eve F1B 68) around the 1966 Monte Carlo circuit.


Talk about jumping in the deep end! Here's how I got on, definitely not a fast time, but it will take a lot of time to tame this snake of a car! God only knows how Graham Hill managed to win on this circuit 5 times in similar cars. 


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Monte carlo, I wish i could drive round that track more than 3 times without hitting any barriers!


looks like a challenging drive, wanted to step out from the rear a lot?


These cars a great at teaching you not to touch the barriers, just a tap and the fragile machines will shed wheels and other crucial parts, having said that though most of my experience with this car yesterday was spent admiring barriers and escape roads, I had only just started posting clean laps when I made this video.


Understeer much? :P


The car is extremely challenging to drive, there is tremendous under-steer entering turns but by the time you're exiting the turn it's become over steer, the car requires the driver to maintain excellent balance in order to go through corners quickly. Then there is the challenge of accelerating a vehicle that weighs very little but houses a 400 bhp engine, an experience which can only be compared to a rodeo. Finally the car is a challenge under braking, namely because the brakes are the least advanced feeling part on the vehicle, unresponsive and easy to lock, slowing down is therefore problematic.

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Very nice, classic representation of Monte Carlo looks wicked, but HOW sketchy is it without the armco barriers?! 


I need to get round to playing this game at somepoint... have a G27 to hook it up to!


Blasting through the chicane on this track is the closest I've come to crapping myself in a game! You see the 1:23.000 lap time drivers online just fearlessly thread this car through the chicane at 120+ mph without batting an eyelid!


PS I've got my time down to a 1:29.400 atm, there's plenty of time out there but it's just a case of having the balls to go and get it.

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