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Scripting doing my head in! :)


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Hi gang, 


I am trying to attach a VAS menu & a recruit AI to my vehicles.. It works on first spawn, but not on subsequent ones. I am pretty new to this & the syntax (& lack of sleep) Is getting the better of me. 

This is the Init I have on the MHQ right now.


veh = [this, 600, 30000, 0, True, FALSE, "nul = [this,""MHQ2"",5] execVM ""mark_unit.sqf"";"] execVM "vehicle.sqf"; nul = [this,"MHQ2",5] execVM "mark_unit.sqf"; this addAction["<t color='#ff1111'>Virtual Ammobox</t>", "VAS\open.sqf"];this addAction [("<t color=""#66FFFF"">" + ("Recruit Menu") +"</t>"), "FOCKRecruitAI\RecruitMenu.sqf",[],1,false,true];

I know I need to have the VAS & recruit in there before the Vehicle.SQF, but I am not sure how..


Any help would be appreciated.

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