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One of the best missions I've ever played was Military Gaming's old Insurgency mission on Arma 2.  What made it special was something very simple: there were a few (~ 5 or so) opfor slots for players.  These would be able to spawn at any of the objective areas with some sort of cooldown on death to prevent abuse.


What this did was twofold: first, it adds extra challenge knowing there could be enemy players in the area.  Second, you had to be very careful with your limited vehicles as if you left something powerful behind on insertion, the enemy could take it and deal a lot of damage.


Any chance for such a feature in I&A?

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This has already been suggested, but is a great idea none the less.  I have actually already seen this done on the I&A server that JTF2 runs, it was a lot of fun the one time I played when they had it enabled.  The mission had a completely different feel to it, and the two Opfor "commanders" did an excellent job of booby trapping the AO prior to our arrival.



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