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Allchee's Introduction


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Hello Everyone!


I played with a few of you over the last few weeks and had a lot of fun.  


I bring with me nearly 20 years of FPS gaming experience, 15 years of programming and game modding experience and about the same for server administration.  I am fairly new to ArmA but have quickly embraced all that this game has to offer.  I love the mods and mission making.


I currently run two ArmA servers I would love to have rebranded to be AW US servers (with your permission of course).  Looking forward to applying when I can!


**Edit**  I didn't know this thing was going to pull in my MC avatar.  I also ran a rather large minecraft server empire for a while.  We shut it down when we lost interest a few months ago after having it online for nearly 2 years.  

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Hello, nice to meet you.


I would recommand you to get rid of the Minecraft avatar, as the entire thing is here only worth a troll.


Indeed as you might have noticed, we actually do not waste money / servers / dbs / bandwith on Minecraft, the forums are just fakes for the fun of it :)

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